The American Pitbull Terrier
The American Bully
The Exotic Bully
With over 100 years of documented history, the APBT has withstood the test of time and has establish its self all over the world maintaining its look and upholding the standard through out the years.
In 2004 the BKC was the first registry to run the American Bully, using nationally accredited judges to write and judge the standard for the breed. The inaugural event was nationally broadcast on ABC channel 7 in June of 2004.
The Exotic Bully now on the rise is the latest of the bully breeds to make a break through. The popularity of its unique look features a compact body that’s low to the ground with a well chiseled head piece. The BKC is proud to present the “Exotic Bully.
The Bully Kennel Club is the main registry for connoisseurs and enthusiast of the Bully breeds. Whether you are a hobbyist, novice or expert dog fancier, the BKC is the place for you. Hosting every kind of competition for the Bully breeds, we make dog shows fun for all.

Whether your Bulldog is formal or maybe not so formal, BKC is the place for him. We have both fun events and formal competitive events, come as you are!
The ever so popular French Bulldog is a favorite at everybody's table. BKC is simply the registry for you, after all who doesn't like a little frenchie?
The Exotic Bully
American Bully
Writing the standard for the American Bully the BKC has taken the initiative to implement and write a professional standard with the correct nomenclature that reflects the characteristics of these unique Exotic Bullies. Let the games begin, it's time to champion these champions!
Now servicing the most popular Bully breeds of America.
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BKC, where the Bulldogs always get special treatment
The Bully Kennel Club was founded 2003 in Los Angles California for the Sole purpose of creating a home Registry for the American Bully Terrier.

Dedicated to the need of the ever growing popularity of the American Bully Breed, we have endeavored to provide a registry for this breed along with a home for all brachycephalic breeds.

We are a dedicated registry providing a new and progressive outlook of the pure bred dog world, keeping abreast of the changing times and pulse of the ever evolving faces of new and established breeds in this world. 

By doing so this will allow us to embrace a new progressive attitude towards the introductions of new Breeds and their recognition as a valid breed providing a home registry that is responsive to the needs of the people.

Exotic Bully
The Bully Kennel Club